How To Use Bach Flower Remedies To Heal Holiday Depression

The Bach remedies and energy medicine can heal depression symptoms and help your mental health and emotional Qi.

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There is no one reason for depression. Each depressed individual will have a unique history of dysfunctional relationships, traumatic childhood, stress, financial hardships, insomnia and sleep disorders, unresolved grief, genetic predisposition, aging, serious physical illness, or family environment. Individually or in combination, some or all of these factors may initiate a downward spiraling cycle that results in depression. Herbal based flower remedies help to heal depression on a vibrational/energetic level. These homeopathically prepared plant essences support the depressed individual in recognizing and addressing issues such as personal growth, self-observation, forgiving, getting in touch with repressed feelings, expressing gratitude, effective communication, ending procrastination, making choices instead of excuses, ending self-isolation, impatience, hopelessness, a sense of impending doom, and despondency.

General, emotional stress, trauma, spiritual longing, and energetic imbalances alone or in combination are all major causes of depression. In the case of situational depression, the ability of a person to control responses to stress, rather than becoming a victim of unpleasant situations has a great impact on the healing process.


Homeopathy is one system for doing this. There are many different systems of energetically based flower remedies, however, by far the most commonly used and most easily available are those developed in the 1930s by the British pathologist, homeopath, and research scientist (in bacteriology, pathology, and immunology) Dr. Edward Bach. Dr. Bach took the vibrational principles so frequently associated with Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine today and applied them to balancing emotional states through homeopathically prepared flower remedies. Bach discovered that behind every patient’s situational depression and emotional and psychological disturbances is a vibrational link.

Over a number of years Dr. Bach isolated remedies, one by one, each remedy intended to treat a different negative and counterproductive emotion. Bach discovered that picking certain species of wildflowers at certain times in their blooming cycle, and preparing them homeopathically maximized their vibrationally based healing qualities. Eliminating toxic plants or those that might produce side effects, he discovered 38 flowering plants, trees, and special waters which had a profound influence on balancing various dysfunctional behavior patterns as well as different mental, emotional stresses.

By looking beyond the limitation of allopathic medicine and the psychoanalytic approach dominant at that time he was able to take into account the feelings of his patients rather than just treating their psychological symptoms. By addressing the cause and effect relationship of pain when dealing with illness he bridged the gap between physical and emotional pain.

Bach was able to see before virtually any western physician or researcher, the strong link between emotional imbalance and immunity. He describes in his writings that emotional challenges especially, loss of hope, worry, anxiety, resentment, feelings of despair, fear, and lack of self-confidence, can deplete a patient’s vitality to the extent they may lose natural resistance and become susceptible to a host of physical illnesses.

Today one would be hard-pressed to find a knowledgeable progressive thinking scientist or physician who does not at least look into the psychological and emotional variables affecting an individual when attempting to treat a physical illness.


Dr. Bach’s remedies were and still are prepared by placing the petals and blooms of the specific herb in spring water and allowing sunlight to activate their potential. This process is a homeopathic approach called ‘potentizing’ of the remedy. This sun “energized” liquid is then naturally preserved with a small amount of brandy. Those who wish to avoid all alcohol can place the liquid in very hot water to evaporate the brandy.

Because they are “energetically-based,” the Bach Flower remedies offer a spiritual dimension to the healing of depression. The remedies create a system for bolstering faith and hope. Dr. Bach’s system is based on the concept that everyone deserves love and that there is a power greater than ourselves that will help us to restore love and sanity in our lives. The flower remedies are not a crutch, they are a vehicle for clarity.


In fact, if you accidentally choose a remedy that is inappropriate for a specific emotional state the remedy has no effect at all, remaining neutral. The remedies do not work biochemically but rather by gently re-establishing emotional and psychological equilibrium through energetic, or vibrational shifts. While other drug-based approaches as well as many herbs, and nutrients address brain chemistry and depression, the flower remedies do not specifically influence brain chemistry nor do they target specific symptoms. Rather they address the state of mind of the depressed or emotionally stressed individual. They balance chi by going to the person’s energy source. These remedies are considered a transformation event in the treatment of emotional problems through natural healing and homeopathy.

These flower remedies have been used for over fifty years by medical doctors, and psychologists, as well as the general public. Many mental-health professionals integrate these gentle homeopathic remedies into an emotional healing program specifically for depression. They are available in most natural food stores and are easily prepared by adding a few drops into spring water.


All of the 38 remedies may affect depression in some indirect way and as such, I have listed them alphabetically below. I had the opportunity to study in 1976 at Mt. Vernon, Dr. Bach’s home in England, and later with Marjorie Spaulding a long-term master of the remedies who had herself studied with Nora Weeks Dr. Bach’s successor. I also developed a long and deep friendship with the late, Leslie Karloff, who through his family’s Elon distributing company had a major role in gaining recognition for the remedies in the American healing community. A master herbalist Leslie pointed out that the remedies that seemed to be most specific for depression were gorse, gentian, mustard, and sweet chestnut. Through my own experience, I have seen these three remedies, particularly Gorse, help depressed individuals who consistently experienced feelings of hopelessness and despair. Here are a few other combinations that I have seen work effectively in specific situations,

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder — Crab Apple, Heather, and White Chestnut
  • Fatigue exhaustion — Olive and Hornbeam
  • Fear: Aspen, Cherry Plum, Mimulus, Red Chestnut, and Rock Rose
  • Stress — Olive, Vervain, Elm, Oak
  • Insomnia — White chestnut, Olive Vervain
  • Emotional insecurity and lack of confidence — Larch, Centaury, Cerato
  • Loneliness — Water violet, Heather
  • Suicidal thoughts — Cherry plum Agrimony
  •  Worry — White Chestnut, Agrimoney, Red chestnut
  • Situation depression — Walnut. Larch, Mimulus, Aspen. Scleranthus
  • Takeaway: 
  • Studies indicate that just being in a healing environment or circumstance may have an effect. The change of attitude that comes with the remedies can have a profound effect on one’s mental, and emotional well-being

About the Author: Lewis Harrison, is a best-selling author, a Results-Oriented Life Coach, speaker, and strategist specializing in; self-improvement, personal development, applied game theory, and happiness. He has experienced deep depression in his life and seeks to serve others as much as possible.

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