How Changing Your Attitude Can Change Your life!

Music, dance, and attitude as a path to happiness and an escape from your “mind prison”

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Reading Facebook posts today, the day after Xmas I notice plenty of sarcasm or really negative posts designed to make fun of the holiday. I always respond, sarcastically (because that’s what they are seeking), that I greatly appreciate their motivating and inspiring comments. That after reading them I now feel much better!

For some people, holiday depression is not about brain chemistry or blood sugar. It is about their crappy attitude.


Part of a “sick” person’s behavior is learned. Since many behaviors are the role-play of a person within certain culturally and socially based belief systems cultural factors can also bring a placebo effect into play. Role-playing is not synonymous with faking a cure since a person faking a cure will still be shown through various diagnostic and measuring procedures to still have the specific affliction. Any changes brought about through the placebo effect can be measured, including changes in how one acts, speaks about how they feel, attitude shifts, and changes in body chemistry.

This brings us to the power of suggestions as a therapeutic tool. All people respond to suggestions. Mentally and emotionally healthy people respond to positive suggestions however, all people, whether or not they are emotionally healthy are not all suggestible in the same way.

In a study of asthmatic patients, scientists found that they could produce dilation of the airways by telling people they were inhaling a bronchodilator. Research has also shown that the power of suggestion, when offered to a person in a particular psychological state, with certain belief systems and offered in a certain tone with certain words, can help reduce or eliminate pain.


These factors alone, when combined with an effective therapist and attention to biochemical causative factors may trigger physical and psychological reactions that promote healing.

Here is a wonderful music/dance video to put a smile on your face.


Studies indicate that just being in a healing environment or circumstance may have an effect. According to a New York Times article “Depressed patients who are merely put on a waiting list for treatment do not do as well as those given placebos.”

About the Author: Lewis Harrison, is a best-selling author, a Results-Oriented Life Coach, speaker, and strategist specializing in; self-improvement, personal development, applied game theory, and happiness. He has experienced deep depression in his life and seeks to serve others as much as possible.

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